Master in Business Administration

  • Master Program in Business Administration Dual (MBA-D)

  • This dual specialization MBA program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals who choose to explore the management disciplines in depth. This Course enables the student to apply their learning in many disciplines in different organizational settings. This course offers specialization in two subjects i.e. masters in two fields of management. The sequence of the programs also follows three progressive phases of a typical management career and by the end of the program the student will have accumulated a full range of personal, functional and organizational competencies that will enable him/her to manage a competitive organisation as a whole, even in the most critical situations.

  • Course Objective :

  • To critically appreciate the significance of recent theoretical developments in business and their strategic implications in multiple disciplines.

  • To demonstrate proficiency in analyzing and interpreting a wide range of business information related to the various functional areas of management.

  • To develop and demonstrate key personal and inter-personal skills required for effective management and implementation of solutions to business problems at all levels within and outside the organization.

  • To update the knowledge base related to various business domains and appreciate their significance.

  • Course Covered :

  • Part - 1 :

  • - General Management
    - Organization Behaviour
    - Planning & Leadership
    - Business Communication

  • Part - 2 :

  • - Business Ethics
    - Customer Relationship
    - Corporate Law
    - Legal Aspects of Business

  • Part - 3 :

  • - Marketing Management
    - Human resource Management
    - Finance Management
    - International Business

  • Part - 4 :

  • - E-Commerce & Advertising
    - Export Management
    - Specialization Subject I
    - Specialization Subject II
    - Project Study


    Dual Specialization & Project Study


    2 YEAR








    $ 1350.00